Heather & Jesse

What a year it has been! For a lot of it I took a pretty long break from posting here and on my Instagram, but I’m back and extremely excited to share all the amazing people, photos and Big Island sunsets I’ve been privileged to! But before that, a brief update on what I’ve been doing in a non-photographic sense:

  1. In January I started a big DIY home renovation project with only a tiniest idea of how to make it all happen. I guess it could be called Operation Mother-In-Law, since it’s essentially a 320 sq ft house for her to move into. Today I jack-hammered concrete! And tomorrow I’ll wake up very sore.
  2. In April my wife and I had a son, who is now 4 months old and is quite the handsome handful. And by handful, I mean that he likes everything in short bursts. Carrying positions, nap times, meal times, and “baby is sleeping so Daddy can do stuff” times. Everything is as short as he is, and since he’s a baby, he is pretty short.
  3. Earlier this month, our 3-year-old daughter FINALLY finished toilet training!! This could possibly be the most important thing to happen since the advent of agriculture. She also started pre-school, which has already increased her social skills beyond my own, and she’s also started watching Peppa Pig like there’s no tomorrow, so now she sometimes speaks in a vaguely British accent.

I have to say that it goes without saying that I love my kids. In contrast, it does not go without saying that parenting is really hard, so I’ll say it. Parenting is really hard. It’ll make or break you, and often in the same day (or same hour (and the same minute)). But what is life without challenges? Or love?

Which I think is a good segue to the lovely session I had with Heather & Jesse down at Kukio. I should stop writing now. Thanks for reading, all, and I hope you find this wonderful couple as perfect as I do. 🙂



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