The year is 1982. It is the future.

Streaks of lightning cut the clouds in half, and the roar of the rain pelting the neon outside a Honolulu hospital masked the banshee cry that Jim Dierking made the morning he was born. The rising sun lit the hallways of the maternaty ward a deep orange. Burning questions arose as well. Jim had been born pre-mature, and with a heart defect to boot. What would the future hold? Would he be okay? The only illumination the hospital could provide at that time was the dim glow of an EKG monitor. As in all things, only time could tell...

Okay, I don't know if I did a banshee cry. And I'm not sure if my life has been that dramatic. But when I look back at things, the only thing I know for sure is that everything pretty much worked out. I have an amazing wife -- the strongest person I know. I have a great daughter who drives me crazy (stay at home parents unite!). And for work I somehow wound up doing all of this, that you see on this site!

I mean, sure. My childhood, although very stable and nice, was fraught with inner turmoil and self-esteem issues. These still manifest themselves daily, and I've struggled with mental health issues for so long that I can't really picture life without the looming shadow of depression and anxiety. My grades throughout school were terrible, and it all came to a head when, at the last possible chance, I failed to get enough credits to graduate High School. I really should get my GED one of these days.

But the difficult bits in life forge us into the people we are today, and adversity can push us into realms we never thought we'd see. Entreprenuership, and teaching myself photography, music, and writing, for example! I wouldn't be me without the hard stuff, and ultimately I wouldn't have the blessings in my life either. Life can be so hard, and tiring as hell, but it's also decorated with thousands of wonderful moments, and memories, and emotions. As of this writing, my wife, daughter, and I are expecting a baby boy any day now, so there will be many more pure moments and emotions soon!

Yeah, I probably didn't do a banshee cry when I was born. And I don't even think there was a thunderstorm at the time. But life has been pretty exciting, and I'm grateful for all of it.

Thank you for reading, by the way! Let me know if you have any questions about my work -- I'd love to chat!

- Jim