Four Seasons Hualalai with the Lake Family

In the mood for a Hawaii haiku:

the wind blown grill glows
loved ones cooking at sunset
the smell fills our tents

Gosh I miss camping. Been so long. Okay, I feel like that haiku was good. Here’s one more. I swear I’m making these up as I go along!

racing down the snow
brother and cousins watching
breathless climbs uphill

Gosh I miss Mauna Kea during the snow. Tends to happen every year but I haven’t gone lately. Okay, one more…?

hilo walmart trip
hungry crowds fill the aisle ways
more grief than it’s worth

I should write a book about being born and raised here, but the entire thing will just be a series of haikus — hundreds of them! — and all weirdly specific. Although to be honest I feel like the above haikus could apply to a lot of towns… hmmm.

And with that bit of randomness out of the way, the Lake family made for awesome company at the Four Seasons Hualalai! An ohana with Hawaii roots, they had a blast returning to the islands and enjoying a bit of home, and I was grateful to be there too!


hawaii beach four seasons

Okay, here’s a truly Hawaiian Haiku:

eh brah how you been?
ho wassup. good, good, how you?
same kine, jus working

Oh man that’s fun. Lets continue this story:

oh right on, right on
you still working auto shop?
yup, wit my fada


gotta pay da bills
yup, yup, K good seeing you
shoots brah take it easy

Believe it or not I grew up speaking pidgin english like this… somehow grew out of it, but I can still turn it on at will. OH, COO, COO… K DEN NO BE ONE STRANGA, YOU WELCOME ANYTIME. K, EASY BAH. 🙂

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