The Cheung Family

Down a curving road twisting through the rocks, past the soaring lobby of the Mauna Lani and after a quick little walk, there is a little black sand beach hidden from most. Being an introvert to a fault, I love places like these; quiet places, and secret places to build secret things, although my writing about this beach here on the blog makes it not a secret place anymore, and obviously the secret things I built here were the photos of the awesome Cheung Family, from Australia. Secret’s out, I guess, like the seed of an avocado scooped by a spoon. It rolls across the counter top and you wonder, could you bury it and sprout a tree?

I sometimes feel that, in today’s world of constant social connections, hustling & bustling, and always feeling like you have to “keep up appearances” or make your voice heard, being an introvert is something of a guilty pleasure. To be yourself becomes an outlier of an experience, and sometimes even detrimental to one’s own success. It was absolutely detrimental to today’s success, because I fully intended to buy an oil filter for our car, but just didn’t have it in me to be around the other patrons at O’Reilly’s. I did try to buy it off of Amazon, bypassing all human contact, but it kept saying that they couldn’t ship it to my address. What’s the deal, Amazon, why won’t you let me be introverted? For crying out loud, Amazon!

Anyway, what’s really strange is that, during sessions, I am actually very happy to stow my introverted side away and become the outgoing dude needed to make awesome photos with other people. After all these years it is effortless and enjoyable. I think what it is, is that I don’t really like talking to strangers, but by default everyone who invites me for a session aren’t strangers at all, but instead friends. I think that’s what the Cheung family felt like. Old friends.

Here are a few photos from their session!

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