The Finchler Family

Beautiful, soft light for this session on the beaches of the Mauna Lani, on the Big Island. It was one of those times where I just looked up, at the trees and the sky beyond, and thanked the universe that I was there.

Looking up is great in general, actually. So we’ll start this blog post in that vein. 🙂

Random thought.

If I suddenly became very rich, I’d build two houses. One, a cozy cabin in the forest, and the other, a beach house large enough for my entire family to convene and enjoy anytime. I’d also buy my wife a new car, us a new truck, and for myself something ridiculous like an Ariel Atom. But after all of that, oddly enough the next material possessions I’d buy would be a $3000 pile of computer parts, so I could put together a new editing system. Not that my current system, which I built in 2013 (and rebuilt earlier this year) is bad. I just really, really love building computers.

Such joys include:

  • The excitement and fear of researching and ordering the correct parts!
  • Unpacking the heavy box full of said parts!
  • The clearing of a sizable work space that is free of carpeting and other static-causing material!
  • The slight terror of second-guessing if you applied enough thermal paste to your CPU, otherwise it’ll be non-functional!
  • The 6 hour process of installing all the programs you might use, and generally setting the system up so it works exactly like your last system!

Trust me, it’s fun. Thinking about it now, I actually don’t even know why it’s fun. But it is!

So when I was asked what kind of computer I use — PC or Mac — during my session with the Finchler family, I proudly exclaimed three words:


Well, I actually said something like, “I use a PC. Macs are good, a little over-priced, but I like building my own computers so I’m on a PC.” Turns out they’re a bunch of computer geeks as well, so it ended up being a great conversation.

And with that, and until next time, thank you for reading!

– Jim

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