There isn’t much in the world that gives me more happiness per second than the thrill of discovery. You know, that raw, unbridled feeling of “NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I SEEN — (fill in the blank here with something awesome)”.

Luckily I find it thrilling to taste new flavors of Jello, so I experience it pretty easily, at little things most people take for granted. Streetlights in the rain for instance. Or hearing how the speed of sound makes a basketball game across the park seem disjointed and unreal.

I suppose I simply feel a whole lot, all the time, for everything. I tend to keep it inside, so from an outside observer I look all like, “Yeah I’m cool, seen it a million times”, when on the inside I’m doing handstands on the surface of Mars. For some reason I don’t like people catching me. I’d rather express it through writing. And music. And photography.

And when the Hartrim-Lowe’s stepped on that wet sand for the first time and shook the palm tree and saw the texture of the white coral and looked at that firepit burning as hot as the sunset… I loved it. I felt it. And I was right there discovering things with those amazing kids. A perfect afternoon.

NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I SEEN… well… all of this. 🙂

A special thanks to the Hartrim-Lowe family, for letting me discover things with you!

– Jim

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