Ed & Kelly’s Wedding

Ed & Kelly’s Wedding, Kona, Big Island of Hawaii. The perfect start to two awesome days with an awesome couple!

Wait a second… let’s go back in time a bit.

This is how it started.

The rain didn’t just fall. It whipped sideways. It rolled down the mountain like a steam engine. But everyone was in good spirits. The good folk at the Royal Kona insisted that it would blow over, and from personal experience I thought that was a pretty good prediction. And hey, glass half full, right? Everything was going to be great.

And soon enough, almost magically, the rain passed, leaving a very light drizzle. So we moved to a new spot where the sand was much more dry, and the ceremony was beautiful.

When I write in this blog, I try to remember how it felt to be there. The “mood” in the air during the day. I enjoy trying to find the right words, but this time… there just aren’t any. For anything. MAN I LOVE MY JOB comes to mind I guess. But beyond that, I’m incredibly thankful that Ed & Kelly gave me the privilege to be at their wedding, and  to photograph them in the rain and fire of the sunset that day.

Ah… perfect end to day one.

Now, time for day two! Let’s go trash that dress! 😀

– Jim

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