Vow Renewal & Family Session with The Patels

Two approaches to photography:

“One. Two. Three… Say Cheese! Cheeseburger! Cheesecake!”


“Just act natural and be yourselves. Pretend I’m not there — oh, wait. Put your left leg there. Yep, awesome. And lift your chin a bit. Oh that looks great! …and can you just pivot yourselves a little this way? I want to get that tree in the background. Okay, now just act naturally…”

Then, sometimes you just have to let go, and trust that things will unfold perfectly.

With the Patel family, they did.

From their first email to me:

It is our 10th wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something special with the boys so that they could participate in the celebration. We are Hindu and we thought it would be cool to do a little ceremony on the beach with the boys…

Amazing!! Done deal. So about 25 days later we met at the beautiful Four Seasons at Hualalai, on the Kona coast, nestled into a nice little spot and began the renewal ceremony and family session, which unfolded perfectly.

Seven steps together as a family. Each step symbolic.

I suppose that’s why people come to Hawaii. To let things unfold as they will. To relax and “let love lead the way”. Thank you, Patel family, for letting me capture your love for each other. 🙂

– Jim

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