Pololu Valley with the Deguara family

The Big Island of Hawaii is a true wonderland for photography, and there isn’t a session that goes by where I don’t take a moment to simply remember where I am — to gain perspective on what I am doing. I am amazingly fortunate to be able to meet up with so many friendly families, so many people I enjoy spending time with, capturing their moments together in this beautiful land.

Some of those people I enjoy hanging out with are the Deguara family, and one of those amazing places on this island is the verdant, refreshing, Pololu Valley. A place for both adventure and relaxation, it’s the perfect spot if you need a vacation from your vacation — an eden away from noise, cars, buildings and crowds — and it was just as perfect for this very natural and adventurous session. This was the third time I’ve been with the Deguara ohana, and quite possibly the most fun we’ve had yet!


I can’t remember whose idea it was — either mine or Dad Deguara’s — but for some reason everyone REALLY wanted to see if they could push this massive log into the sea. Why? Well, it’s a feat of strength! A measure of family unity! A metaphor for life (although in my head, everything’s a metaphor for life)!

Once they synced up and pushed, they got it moving fairly easily, and off it tumbled into the shallow sea… only to be hit by a wave that pushed it right back up the sand. I clicked away, of course. 😀



Good times.One of the funnest sessions of this year, and one of two I did at Pololu during the busy summer season. I’ll blog the other soon! Thank you for having me once again, Deguara family — can’t wait until next time! 🙂


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