The Crim Family, Part Two

The trail was all downhill and very slippery, the early morning’s dew sticking into every crevice, rock and fallen leaf. Each step was cautious, hurried, brisk. Looking up, we saw the canopy, a hundred or more feet above, and I imagined myself to be living in an old pulp comic book, swinging on the vines that hung low, maybe on my way to rescue my wife, or collect drinking water from the rivers that created this little ravine eons ago. Surviving in this jungle wouldn’t be easy, I told myself, and with that thought I became inspired for this session with the awesome Crim family, with whom I worked with back in 2012, grateful still to have met up with them again in this amazing, verdant place in Hilo, Hawaii.

We weren’t really surviving or anything, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great little adventure!
The session was not without its challenges, though! As the sun rose, the air became incredibly hot, but more than that, extremely humid as well. It was so humid that my lenses would repeatedly fog up as soon as I mounted them on the camera! We took a few minutes for it to pass, which it did, mostly, and the remaining fog lent some of the photos a really nice dreamy quality which I’d actually like to have occassionally —Sadly (but also happily), the lens fog lifted as we ventured further.
Thanks so much for having me again on this awesome morning, Crim family!

– Jim

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