Volcano with the Deguara Family

Volcano is a special place.

All of Hawaii is special, of course, and the Big Island in particular. But there isn’t anywhere I’ve been that strikes just the right balance of being out in the sticks while still having just enough “civilization” to get you by. It’s in the country, but doesn’t feel backward or underdeveloped. It’s a beautiful, private little nook of an area, but not in a “gated community” sort of way. Where I live, out in edges of Volcano, where the lot sizes are larger, there’s a DIY and get-it-done attitude, and a personal stewardship of one’s own jungled heaven. It’s a place of seclusion, quiet and relaxation, and by extension it’s also a place of independence; a practical creativity of how best to tend the land to supplement life.

And life, come to think of it, is one thing that completely surrounds us here. There is an almost mind boggling amount of it, everywhere, in every direction. Countless Hapu’u ferns grow high and wide, while native ‘Ohia trees tower higher still, their canopies heavy with red Lehua blossoms. Rolling slopes covered in moss and grass are dotted with all manner of shrub and bush, held down by the occasional Koa and cherry blossom tree that my grandparents planted long ago.

I feel so very lucky to have grown up here, and to live here still. To look out the window and see literally nothing but nature is a true blessing, and it’s something I hoped to convey from this session with the Deguara family, from California. I worked with them a few years ago and it was great to see them again, and I it was super fun to hang out with their two boys, who’ve grown into a couple of strong, rambunctious and charming young fellas. The jungles of Volcano were the perfect place for them to explore and be themselves!

Huge thank you to the Deguara family for an awesome session, and a big thanks to you as well for being here, reading! 🙂

– Jim

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