The Mayer Family

This session was just a smattering of good times… probably from the fact that the Mayer Ohana is one of those families who unintentionally “own the room”, because their affection for one another is so loud and obvious and not at all dull.

They are what I think families should be. They are loving, honest, joking people — and by “joking”, I mean that at the beginning of the session they jokingly told me something along the lines of “GOOD LUCK BUDDY HAHA!”. Or maybe that’s honesty. 😀 They embody the ability for a family to have fun, let loose and enjoy the moment together… because each and every moment is all we really have.


Huge thank you to the Mayer family for letting me be a part of their stay on the Big Island! And thank you for not holding any bit of your personalities back — the best photos from this session will never be shown here, simply because they’re a little crazy (and they involve the guys taking their shirts off and stuff). But hey! Great photos always come from such honesty, and I’m grateful for theirs. 🙂

– Jim

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