The Hansen Family

I often feel like I’m not so much a professional photographer, but a professional “noticer”. In that it’s my job to notice things that most people do not. The way the light bounces off a beige wall. Or the timing in which a little girl responds to her grandpa’s jokes. Or how the sunset shining through the haze totally reminds me of the movie “Top Gun”. Love that movie.

Anyway, I noticed a lot of things upon arrival at the Hansen family’s Waikoloa villa. Firstly, they’re a great looking family! Second of all, I could really feel the closeness, love and affection they have for each other. Finally, the light outside was absolutely beautiful, and I knew that our session would be awesome.

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Sometimes I wonder if I notice too much, or think too much about things, or spend too much time on tiny details that no one cares about. But, nah… I’m good just how I am. I love how I see the world, and I’m so grateful that I get to share it with everyone. Thank you, Hansen family, for sharing a piece of your world with me!

– Jim


PS. Turned around before I left and saw the sun was setting as a great ball of fire. Goodness, gracious…


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