Susan & Chris’ Hilo Wedding

Here’s a Hilo wedding I photographed last year, before I launched this blog. I still enjoy looking at these photos, and the memory of creating them with Susan & Chris makes me smile. 🙂

The morning began with wonderment…


big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-02.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-03.jpgA beautiful ceremony…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-04.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-05.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-10.jpgIt was spectacular at Onekahakaha Beach Park, with a mist hanging in the air thrown up by high surf. Sheets of rain had been falling in the distance all morning, and soon enough blessed us up close…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-11.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-12.jpgShelter was a necessity…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-13.jpgAfter the rain stopped, we went outside to be greeted by the sun…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-06.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-07.jpgSusan is an interior designer. Chris is a veterinarian. But not on this day. They were simply Susan & Chris on this day. Completely in love. The only thing on their minds was each other…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-08.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-09.jpgWe decided to explore the surrounding area…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-14.jpgTrekking along the coast, under threat of rain, sometimes going shoe-less to cross vast tidal pools…big-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-15.jpgbig-island-wedding-hilo-susan-chris-16.jpgBut they were thrilled to see one another on the other side; laughing, smiling and now married. And I knew that this day — Susan & Chris’ day — would bring a smile to my face for years to come…

Yep. Still does. 🙂

– Jim

Susan & Chris are from Kentucky, an Interior Designer and a Veterinarian respectively. But all of that went out the window on their wedding day. They had a sense of intimacy with one another that surprised even me, and it was obvious that the only thing on their minds was each other.
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