Cassidy & Matt’s Trash the Dress

Cassidy & Matt’s wedding was an amazing day. A day of relentless celebration, fun, love and family. And they themselves were wonderful. So I was stoked and ready to go the next day for our Trash the Dress session.

I wanted the TTD photos to be a natural extension of those from the wedding, but I also wanted to change it up. I wanted that same sense of motion that I aimed to get during the wedding, but wanted the TTD photos to be more peaceful. Less grit. Not quite as dynamic. Less drama. More polished. Hard to explain.

We wanted a secluded beach. White sand. Velvet water. Serene. Emphasis on secluded. So we did the TTD session at the beautiful and highly popular Hapuna Beach, in south Kohala.

If you’ve ever been to Hapuna, you know that there are only two occasions when there aren’t a zillion people there. First is during a Tsunami Warning. The second is when Cassidy, Matt and I did this session — early in the morning, before the parking lot opened.

The sun was just peaking out onto the sand, the water was calm, and the beach was practically empty. It was a perfect morning.

I got a kick out of how Cass flung her bouquet and shoes — fast, far or fast-and-far.After strolling on the beach for a bit, we went to get some intimate shots at the rocks. Luckily, the tide was low and the surf was calm, so we were able to enter the hidden cave at the end of the beach.Cass & Matt, you two are perfect!Time to get wet and trash the dress! When I was running along with them taking these pics, I was wondering what was going through Cassidy’s mind. I mean, one of my top priorities is client comfort, so I always get a bit nervous when I tell the bride and groom to run anywhere, nevermind into the ocean…But then she turned around with this big, perfectly photogenic smile on her face, and all was right in the world.Quick shot of the beach as we were leaving.

Cassidy and Matt, thank you so much for allowing me the priviledge of photographing you for two awesome days, and thank you for being such lovely people!

– Jim

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