(inspired by Cormac McCarthy :) "if love is not a color
then the world is black & white"
- Jim Dierking

I love to meet laid-back couples who are seeking a quiet, intimate wedding day, surrounded by nature and their closest loved ones.

The goal of my wedding work is to illustrate the deep connection you share with each other, to show a closeness with nature, and to capture every moment in between.

wedding f.a.q.

Do you travel? Are there fees?

I'm based out of Volcano, HI, but I travel across the island quite a bit. $50 for Kona, Waikoloa and Waimea. $75 for North Kohala. Zero for Puna, Ka'u, and Hilo.

I'm available off-island, too! Travel fees for that start at $250 or so. Off-planet works too, if you're reading this, Elon.

Do you shoot large weddings? LGBT?

I enjoy the vibe of smaller, intimate weddings. If your wedding has a guestlist of over 25 people and you have a wedding party, I will probably refer you to someone else. But! If you really like my work and my "About Me", send me a message anyway.

Yes 100% to LGBT!

Do you have liability insurance? Back-up gear?

Yes, yes.

Do you have a 2nd shooter?

No -- from past experience, intimate weddings only need one photographer.

What can we do with the photos when we get them, and how many will there be?

Your print release lets you print, share, and display them however you'd like. They are your photos! An hour of shooting usually results in 50 to 80 meticulously edited, finished photos.

How did you learn wedding photography?

My very first wedding photo experience was my brother's, back in 2005! All I had were two point n' shoot Cybershots and more confidence than was warrented. Their actual, real photographer liked what he saw, and after getting the cheapest DSLR possible, he took me on as his associate shooter. Eventually, with more weddings under my belt, I struck out on my own, crappy Myspace portfolio in hand, headfirst into the wildlands of craigslist weddings! Good experience. Very interesting weddings. Once I got an actual website, the photography rocketship launched into orbit, and I've been riding it to this day.