The Diptiman Family

Happy Holidays from the Big Island, everyone! I hope it’s going smoothly for you, and may your gift shopping quests be victorious. 🙂

Speaking of, we actually just ordered our daughter a 3T sized astronaut suit for Christmas, since she really loves everything space and likes to pretend she’s flying to Jupiter. It has been an amazing joy sharing my own love for space with her, and teaching her about black holes, exoplanets, and nebulas.

My secret hope is that she becomes a genius level engineer and is selected to go to Mars, and somehow pulls the strings that score her Mom, Dad, and future brother tickets onto her spaceship. Who knows if it’ll happen but the mere possibility makes my head spin!

Anyway, I just wanted pop in here and share a bit of what’s going on, and some photos of an amazing, energetic family I had a pleasure of working with. A massive thank you to the Diptiman family for letting me document their genuine, unobstructed love for each other!


Big Island Family Photo sunsetKona Family on the beachHawaii family sunsetWaikoloa vacation photoDad playing in HawaiiFamily laughing on a beachVictory dance in HawaiiFamily Portraits in HawaiiVacation mood in HawaiiHawaii Senior Photo on the beachBlack and white portrait on the beachSunset couple in HawaiiMoody hawaii coupleLaughter, love, and salty airFamily near palm treesPretty sunset on the Big IslandTravel photo of family on a beach walk

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