Mauna Kea Beach Hotel with the Wilcox Family

Summer may be coming to a slow and steady end, but it has been just as warm and sunny here in Hawaii, and it has been pretty busy for me, too… as summers tend to be.

This family session with the Wilcox family was both the largest I’ve ever done, as well as the hottest! I faced an instantaneous torrent of sweat the second I walked across the resort lobby. A palpable layer of humidity floated over the entire Mauna Kea resort area, and the sun beamed across the sky with such determination that it even seemed to keep the mighty Hawaiian tradewinds at bay.

Humidity + sun + zero wind would usually make for unhappy people, but the entire Wilcox ohana — all 25 of them — were in good, loving spirits, and despite the environmental challenges, I had a great time creating photos that would remind them of their family vacation here on the Big Island.

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