Sunset Surreal with the Roscoe Family

I have a list of words in my head that are a sort of “driving force” for my work. Words I think about, words that inspire me, words that even just make me seem cooler than I am when I say them out loud to myself (confidence boost!).







Pathos, Ethos, Logos




Combined, they form a mood that for me is incredibly powerful and inspiring. With every single session, I try to reach for this mood, to pluck it from the sky and express it through my work, but it’s a finicky thing, like sweeping your hand through fog and hoping to get a drink of water. The thirst for this expression will never seem to end.

Occasionally I’ll meet other people who seem to respond to this mood too. People like those here on my blog. Maybe you, reading this now! People like the Roscoe family, who I first met about 5 years ago. Our session then was one for the record books, and this most recent session was wonderful as well.

If anything, I can be thankful for that, and for them. I’m not sure if I met the mood my words above convey, but at the very least I’m blessed to have the opportunity to try.

Thanks for taking a look!

family in hawaii with a turtlefamily in hawaiiI first met the Roscoe ohana around 5 years ago. We had a wonderful time then, and I
kids hugging in hawaiikids playing in hawaiilift that kid up high!kona sunset with kidscouple in love looking at a hawaii sunset

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