This magic moment

There are some moments that I’d love to relive for the first time again, just because they were so amazing.

The day my daughter entered the world. The night my wife and I met. Drinking chai at dawn in Jodhpur. The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones (but not really…?).

One thing that always trips me out is the fact that, over my years of doing family photography, I’ve probably been a small part of many of these moments for others!

Okay — I doubt anyone would count hanging out with me as part of the all-time things they’d want to relive (I’m fun, but not that fun). But being in Hawaii, on the Big Island, on vacation with the people you love — that is a magical thing, worthy of re-living, and I’ve been blessed to capture it for others.

And so it was with the Kelso family, with whom I spent a single beautiful hour, photographing their own magic. 🙂

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