Visited an uninhabited island. Waves so big had to jump off the boat and swim the cargo in. What an experience. Got engaged!! Wedding planning. Ate a Jack in the Box Muchie Meal. Fiance moved to the Big Island! Haven’t had a Munchie Meal since. 14 sessions over the Summer. Too much for me. Stressed myself out. Wedding planning continued! Went to the beach a zillion times but swam only a few. Bought an underwater housing for my camera. Camped on Oahu with the family. Stand-up paddled for 5 seconds. Went to South Korea, Japan and Okinawa!! Workation at the Hilton with fiance. Wedding planning went full-speed. Wedding was so near. Fiance got a new job!! Goodbye Oahu. Gigi, our dog, became mysteriously ill and passed away. Tears in the rain. THE WEDDING!! Tears in the sun. Married my soulmate!! Family was there. Beach house all weekend. Amazing. Came home. Christmas, filled with family, videogames, and a Game of Thrones viewing. Built a fort and cooked pork ‘n beans over the fire w/ the kids. Wrote this post. The end is here. Hello 2015!


One heck of a year, for sure. Here’s a recap; some of the better photos I created with my clients — every one of whom I am grateful for. Enjoy!

The end of one thing means the beginning of another; a fresh start, a second chance. Teetering on the edge of something great, and 2015 will be great. I can feel it in my heart. I know it in my soul. This coming year will be full of flourish, full of building things and full of pure creation. I have a few ideas for my family photography that should prove to be awesome, and will hopefully take this entire thing to a higher summit. I plan on releasing an LP of original music that I’ve been working on — a dream of mine for over a decade. I will finish off documenting the journey across India my wife and I went on, and I’ll show some of it here. And most importantly, we’ll create the beginnings of our long term future together.

I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands into all of this! Hope you’ll all join me in the coming year, whether it’s simply on this blog or during a family photo session. Happy New Year, and see you soon!

– Jim

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