A cloudy Big Island day with the Ito Family

Being a family photographer always seems to offer me lessons in life; wisdom hidden in everything around me.

This session with the Ito family, hailing from Alberta, Canada, had such a lesson. I arrived at the Fairmont Orchid greeted by grey clouds and relatively dark skies. There would be no real sunset that day, just a fading of light toward the western sea. But those same clouds and lack of sun gave us incredibly soft light to enjoy, atypical of the bright afternoon sun I usually work with. The temperature was comfortable, and not the usual sweat-inducing heat during most sessions. At first glance I was a little worried that the sun wouldn’t make an appearance. But like all things in life, nothing is ever distinctly good or bad. Every moment simply is, and how I react and make use of any given situation is for me to decide. So we made good use of the soft light and captured some great photos! 🙂


And here’s a random photo of a hibiscus! 😀

– Jim

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