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An Update in earnest

Whew! Things have been really busy here, having done more family sessions in the past few months alone than I did in all of last year. A few great weddings were squeezed in there too, as well as numerous trips to Oahu to spend time with Syreeta, my girlfriend/soulmate/inspiration (although I built a new editing computer specifically so I could work there too, so these trips weren’t exactly vacations). I have lots more editing to do, and I’m a little stressed out, but I’m thankful for it too. Life has been amazing lately.

Still to come is the most amazing of all, and the reason I thought an update would be a good thing. Along with my photo editing, I’ve also been super busy planning a 9 week long trip to India, for which Syreeta and I will depart on September 3rd!





The map above shows an outline of where we’ll be going, with each color representing about 2 weeks worth of time. We’ll experience Himalayan Buddhist monasteries, desert village life, chaotic train rides lasting 40+ hours, and the massive festival of Diwali in the holy city of Varanasi! My hope as a photographer is to capture it all in a cohesive, vibrant, intimate way, using the skills I’ve learned here to get a more family-oriented look at life in India… similar to what I do here. Just there. 🙂 Syreeta and I will also be making a short documentary film about our lives leading up to and going through this journey, which will likely just be a grand personal memoir, but could become part of a bigger idea her and I are dreaming up.

Wi-fi and internet access should be pretty okay over there, so I plan to post lots of snapshots through my Instagram the whole way through — click here and feel free to follow me to see what we discover!

We won’t be back in Hawaii until November 8th, and obviously I won’t be shooting any sessions until then. I’ll still be answering my emails the best I can while I’m there though, so if you’re interested in working with me after I get back, send me a message and I’ll get back to you! I currently have a lot of availability in November and December, and will be hungry to get back into the groove after I return.

Finally, I just wanted to thank all of my clients, past and present. Without you this trip would not have been possible. It has been my dream to travel to far-away places; places I’ve imagined since childhood, and I’m incredibly grateful that I have the chance to make this dream a reality. Thank you so much!

Now, time to edit. And then… onward!

– Jim


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