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My name’s Jim Dierking, and I’m a stay-at-home-Dad, Husband and Photographer on the Big Island of Hawaii. I specialize in playful, natural family sessions, but also love to capture small weddings and engagement-style sessions. Music, movies and the Hawaiian environment are huge inspirations for my work, but becoming a Dad and family man has been the biggest influence by far — I am a lucky husband to my amazing wife, Syreeta, and a work-and-stay-at-home Dad for our daughter, Sharlotte, who was born back in February of 2016.

And if you’re wondering more about who I am, here are a few fun facts!

  1. Family Photographer in Hilo and KonaSyreeta and I were both born on the island of Oahu. I moved to the Big Island with my family in the mid ’80’s, and Syreeta moved in 2014 right after we got married. We plan to spend the rest of our lives in Volcano — best place on Earth! 🙂
  2. In terms of the Meyers-Briggs personalities, I fit the INFP profile so closely that it was an epiphany when I first read about it. I tend to see the world as a giant possibility, and can get lost in stories, daydreams and the creative process. I love to relate with people, but I also enjoy (and need!) quiet time at home or in nature. Syreeta is an INFJ, so we’re quite similar, but also different in a complimentary way; she truly does complete me. I could go on and on, but if you want to know exactly who I am on a deep level, just read this article! It describes me to a “T”.
  3. In my spare time I like to write music, spend time outdoors with loved ones, play videogames, and try new foods. All three of us are big fans of Indian food — there aren’t many things better than Malai Kofta, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Palak Paneer. Sharlotte takes hers mild while Syreeta and I can order it hot, and if not eating out, I can make a passable Chicken Kadai at home!
  4. This love of Indian food came from that time my wife and I spent 9 weeks traveling across India by bus and train! It was an incredible adventure, and what they say is true — you leave a piece of yourself there. I miss it very much and would love for Sharlotte to experience the beauty and adventure of it, perhaps when she’s in her teenage years.



I don’t really take myself too seriously, so here’s what other people have said; families as well as my previous wedding clients! —




“I can’t help but smile every time I see these photos. You did such a great job. I think your biggest accomplishment for the day was getting our children to warm up to you so quickly… Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– The Hartrim-Lowe Family






“Thank you Jim!!! We got the pictures in the mail today and they are amazing; beautiful! Thank you for capturing our moment in time! There are truly wonderful and will be cherished forever! :)”

– Kelly & Ed






” …Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was great working with you and your super easy going style.  You did a great job to make us feel very comfortable and relaxed the whole time.”

Aaron & Vicky





“Jim – thanks for being so patient with us… Memorable photos that are gracing our walls and albums. Lovely and poetic description of our day with you (in reference to their blog post). Much appreciation!”

– Michael, Leah & little Estela.






“We felt an instant comfort and ease working with you; almost like you were an old friend. We’ve gotten nothing but praise on the pictures we’ve shared with friends and family — of course, we couldn’t agree with them more!”

– Susan & Chris





“Thank you ever so much for capturing our day as we’ll always remember it — fantastic, beautiful & perfect. You were a complete joy. Stay in touch… much love from Seattle.”

– Tia & Stephen






“The photos are wonderful! Our friends & family said they are stunning, perfect, amazing, beautiful. Sean & I are elated at the talent Jim possesses. We would recommend Jim to anyone seeking a photographer with a polished edge and island sophistication.”

– Melissa & Sean






“I highly recommend Jim for his excellent skill and professionalism. There really isn’t anyone else on the Big Island who is as good and accommodating as Jim!”

– Cassie & Steve







“I am so grateful and very satisfied with all of the wonderful moments you had captured. I look at them and actually remember the feeling I had at the moment you took the photos. Mahalo Nui Loa Jim!”

– Laura & Jason




Thanks so much for reading — let me know what I can do for you!